April 2015 International Dates

  • April 20: Berlin
    Scandic Hotel am Potsdamer Platz
    1.30 pm press conference “Are the Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable?”
    with participation of Prof. Klaus Töpfer (IASS), Dr. Mette Wolkie (UNEP) and Dr. Michael Obersteiner (International Resource Panel)
  • April 23 and 24: New York, USA
    DFG-UN-conference “Measuring Sustainable Development”
    April 23: 4.30-6.30 pm panel discussiion
    April 24: 1.00-3.00 pm final discussion

March 2015 International Dates

  • March 5: Brussels, Belgium
    European Parliament Brussels
    Workshop on the topic „The European environment – state and outlook 2015 report: Linking current knowledge to the 7th EAP priority objectives”
    10.35-11.05 am panel discussion on “The resource-efficient, low-carbon economy”
  • March 12-15: Freiburg, Germany
    International Convention of Environmental Laureates
    March 13: Konzerthaus Freiburg
    8.00 pm welcome words for Dr. Alice Kaudia
  • March 26-29: Haikou, China
    BOAO Forum For Asia Annual Conference 2015
    March 28: 3.45-5.00 pm session on the topic „What’s up with water & soil?“


November 2014 International Dates

  • November 3-7: Rotterdam
    International Resource Panel
  • November 10-11: Berlin
    2nd European Resources Forum 2014
    November 10. – 13 pm Conference Session „Targets for a sustainable resource use”
    November 11. – 9.00 am parallel session on the topic – introduction speech on „Decoupling: Opportunities and Policies.“
  •  November 25: Vienna
    Conference on „Zero Emission Cities“
    In the morning speech on „Zero Emission Cities: Part and Parcel of a Larger, Exciting Sustainability Strategy.“