March 2017 international dates

  • March 7: Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany
    Congress Global Peasants‘ Rights
    Schloss Kirchberg
    19.00 Uhr Key-note “Population, Nutrition and Limits to Growth”
  • March 9-12: Freiburg, Germany
    International Convention of Environmental Laureates
    9.3. 6.00 pm opening cermony, Historisches Kaufhaus
    10.3. 8.00 pm Public Evening Lecture with Felix Finkbeiner and Tristram Stuart – moderation, Konzerthaus Freiburg
    11.3. Young Talents Day, United World College Freiburg
  • March 30: Bregenz, Austria
    Annual meeting of World Future Council
    7.00 pm speech „Come On“

February 2017 international dates

  • February 24: Zurich, Switzerland
    Board Meeting Green Cross International
  • February 28: London, England
    London School of Economics
    LSE German Symposium 2017
    2.00 pm speech on “Adressing the Philosophical Crisis of Our Era”
    afterwards workshop on “Factor Five”

June 2016 International Dates

  • June 10: Freiburg, Germany
    Mind and environment
    4 pm “Towards a Sustainable World Society: The Philosophical crisis”